Licensing and Regulation


Global.Tradeo.com is operated by Tample Capital (Pty) Ltd, which is an authorized financial services provider. Tample Capital (Pty) Ltd FSP license number is: 46452 and the company registration number is (2015/241042/07).


Conflict of Interest

Tradeo maintains and operates effective organizational and administrative arrangements, with a view to taking all reasonable steps, designed to prevent conflicts of interest that can adversely affect the interests of our clients. In this regard, Tradeo takes all steps to identify conflicts of interest within the firm and any person directly or indirectly linked to us or between our client and another that arise in the course of business. In compliance with the above, Tradeo established its Conflicts of Interest policy, which is detailed in the Customer Service Agreement. The above policy outlines the instances, when conflicts of interest could arise and how such situations can be managed in the best effective manner in the interest of our clients. Where a conflict of interest cannot be avoided, this shall be duly disclosed on before the undertaking of business with prospective clients.

Complaint Procedure

Tradeo’s main objective is to establish and maintain clients’ relationship based on professionalism, ethics and integrity. If you are not satisfied with our services, we encourage you to write to us immediately and we will make every effort to resolve the matter, within the shortest possible time frame possible. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing within 5 days. We will also give you indications on how we intend to deal with your complaint. If your complaint was made to us by phone or chat, this letter will confirm our understanding of your concerns, also giving you a chance to tell us if we have gotten it wrong. To read out Complaints policy, please follow this link.