Tradeo Web Trader

Tradeo Web Trader is the newest addition to Tradeo’s suite of web, desktop and mobile trading platforms. Feature-rich and ultra-light, Web Trader was designed to allow Tradeo investors to place, monitor and update their CFD trades with ease.

All the trading features you need in a convenient browser-based platform!

Sometimes downloading and installing a trading platform isn’t an option. You might be working on a lower-powered machine, working on a shared PC, or maybe you just don’t want to install any more software on your desktop.

Why Tradeo Web Trader?

Full support for every asset type

Simple execution

Place your trades straight onto asset price charts

Choose your own technical indicators

Multiple time intervals

Various chart types (bar, candlestick, broken line)

Advanced level trading features in the cloud!

Tradeo Web Trader syncs with all our other trading platforms, so you’re never far from the markets. Designed to work in all browsers, Tradeo Web Trader packs a powerful trading punch. From the intuitive user interface to the charts and graphical trading tools, Tradeo Web Trader comes with all the tools you need to trade multiple instruments in a fully secured online platform.

The Tradeo Web Trader is the platform for you!

With all the features and ease-of-use of the award-winning MT4, Web Trader by Tradeo is a leap forward in browser-based trading platforms. If you can access the internet, you can trade! No downloads or software to install. Just fire up your favorite browser, and you’re in business.

With a user-friendly interface and a suite of advanced trading features, Tradeo Web Trade will soon become your go-to trading platform.

Webtrader Features

No software to download

Secure data protection

Works flawlessly on every operating system

Full trading history

30 technical indicators

All the trading operations available in MT4 desktop

Graphical objects

Real-time price quotes

Nine time intervals